Our best tree yet

On Wednesday, which was a fairly miserable grey day, the village workers put up Daglan’s Christmas tree. Yesterday, which was equally wet and miserable, the workers decorated the tree. And this morning — which was beautifully sunny and bright — I was able to photograph it.

For two reasons, Jan and I think it’s the best Christmas tree our village has erected since we moved here in 2010. First, the tree itself is nicely balanced, tall, and full, as good Christmas trees should be. And second, it’s been re-located to what seems like a much more sensible spot.

To remind you how previous trees were located, here’s a look at the tree of 2016 — placed in one of the large open areas of the village’s main square, the Place de la Liberté:

The village tree of four years ago.

It was a fairly good Christmas tree, but its placement meant that it had no obvious support (meaning that it would be hard to withstand strong winds) and it somewhat blocked the vehicles trying to park in the square.

And now here is our 2020 tree, placed in the base of the water fountain that stands at the centre-front of the square:

Now, isn’t this a better location? And the tree itself is lovely.

With the tree in place, nearly all of the village’s Christmas decorations have been installed, including the twinkling lights on some of our trees, and the signs hanging from lamp posts. Because of the pandemic, this won’t be a Christmas like those in recent years, but it still should be a lovely one.

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