Our mini-Halloween, and two kinds of lunch

Halloween during a pandemic? How would that work? We weren’t sure, but I figured that at least some kids would be out on Saturday night, looking for treats. So Jan went ahead and bought several bags of candy.

Then France’s President announced a nationwide lockdown, and we figured that Halloween would be even more quiet than normal — to the point that our best bet, we figured, would be to take the candies to the local school and have the teachers hand out the treats to their classes.

As it happened, on Saturday afternoon we went to the village of Cénac for a bit of shopping, and Jan bumped into a neighbour — a young mother — who said that kids would indeed be going from house to house that evening. Her suggestion: Put the candies down at street level, so the kids wouldn’t have to come to the door.

Seemed smart enough, so that’s what we did. And here’s how it looked, including my pretend Jack-o-lantern, made out of a butternut squash:

All set for the kids in costume.

So, what was the outcome? Well, not much. At about 7 p.m., a small group of children in costume did indeed show up, and collected some candies. Funnily enough, they were led by the young mother who had suggested to Jan that we should put our candies at the bottom of the stairs. And that was that — no other children showed up. And so, in the end, we will take the remaining candies (and there are a lot) to the school.

Two (very) different lunches. This past week, I had two medical appointments in Toulouse — one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday. Because of differences in timing, we wound up having two very different kinds of lunches. Here’s a brief report:

On the Tuesday, my appointment was finished just after 1 p.m., so we had time for a good lunch at Chez Jeannot, the excellent seafood restaurant that I praised quite fulsomely in a posting of June 18. Again, we were with our friends Richard and Rosemary (it was Richard who gamely did all the driving), and once again all four of us were very pleased with the restaurant — the ambience, the service, and of course the food.

In this posting, I’ll show just a few photos — starting with an overall look at Chez Jeannot from the front. On the left is the seafood shop, and on the right is the restaurant.

The view from the street.

We entered the seafood shop (which connects directly to the restaurant), where the shop’s super-keen salesman wanted to be in the photo I was taking of the goodies on offer. And here he is, with some of his wares:

Our man in the shop.

To accompany our meals, we began with a kir, and then a bottle of the Chablis that was the daily special. For my main course, I had the grilled gambas that Jan and Rosemary had ordered on our first trip in June, while this time the two women had langoustines, and Richard ordered a grilled whole fish as his main. Here’s a photo of the langoustines:

An icy tray of langoustines.

For details on the restaurant, do check my blog posting of June 18. Once our pandemic lockdown ends, this is a place you’ll want to try, if you’re in the Toulouse area and if you like seafood as much as we do.

And now for something completely different: For the lunch on Wednesday, the timing was such that we had to eat fairly quickly between arriving in Toulouse and seeing my doctor. So we ordered from the hospital café, and had a light lunch that looked like this:

A lunch of sandwiches and salads.

To give the café credit, the food was pretty good. But that’s not the kind of meal we normally would drive for two hours to order. Ah well.

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4 Responses to Our mini-Halloween, and two kinds of lunch

  1. Rosemary McCaffrey says:

    The langoustine platter reminds me of Mr. Bean at Le Train Bleu! 😊. Peter and I love Toulouse!!

    • loren24250 says:

      Yes, thanks Rosemary. Funny story about that seafood platter at Le Train Bleu: Jan and I went to the restaurant some years ago with two good friends, and we all ordered the platter. Oh no, said our waiter, that’s not on the menu. It was created just for the movie! And no one had the wit to say: Gee, we should add that to our regular offerings! I think I wound up having a Toulouse sausage and some whipped potatoes.

  2. Edward McGaugh says:

    Well you had 100% more trick or treat activity than we had here in Bouzic and we were prepared for them if they came. Fortunately, we bought chocolates that we happen to really like so now we are enjoying the leftovers. 😊

    Hope the appointments went well.

  3. Jill Smith Hershfield says:

    Gambas al ajillo? I am guessing. We enjoy Killer Shrimp a popular dish from California. Not as much garlic but has fennel. The langoustine platter is beautiful. Same situation here with no T&Ts.
    PS Hope you doctor visits were good!!!!

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