Encore presentation: La Forge

In this posting, I’m reporting on a return trip to La Forge, a newish restaurant in the nearby village of St. Pompon, which I first described in my posting of October 11 (“Another reason to visit St. Pompon”). But before I do, I’m going to introduce a splash of autumn colour.

Here in the Greater Daglan Area, we are well and truly into autumn, and as in years past, I find myself missing the glorious autumn colours of the trees in the Toronto area, where I spent most of my working life. In Eastern Canada (and the northeastern U.S.) the profusion of maple trees and birch trees, mixed into a variety of other species, made for some spectacular displays, with lots of vibrant reds and oranges. Here, by contrast, autumn colours are generally more muted (no maples), and so we see a mix of soft yellows, browns and a bit of orange.

However, not all is lost — because some ivy plants do turn a fairly vibrant red in autumn. And to prove the point, here is a vine growing up the side of a neighbour’s home, as photographed just a few days ago. Quite a beauty:

A burst of autumn colour.

But now, back to food. It was on a miserably rainy Wednesday of this past week that Jan and I met up with friends Rosemary and Richard for lunch at La Forge, where one of the attractions is the price of just 15 euros for a three-course, satisfying meal of rustic food. The place itself is warm and cozy, and the staff is friendly. The proprietor, Thomas Michel, greeted us at the door and thanked me for writing about his restaurant in this blog, so that was a pleasant start.

I began with a vegetable soup (soup is offered to all customers, ahead of the three courses), but I opted not to order a more filling entrée. For my main course, I had the sauté of pork, served with incredibly smooth whipped potatoes. Here’s my dish:

Tasty, but could have used some more seasoning.

I thought the soup and the main course were both good, but a bit light on seasoning — so I wound up using the salt and pepper shakers a fair bit (and it’s not something I normally need to do in France).

As for my dessert — a nice and moist coconut cake — there were two surprises. The first surprise is that it was indeed a coconut cake, while I had mis-read the menu and thought the dessert would feature chocolate. But no harm, no foul, because the cake was quite good. Here’s my plate (and if you look closely, you might spot the second surprise):

Good cake, and the right utensil.

If you haven’t spotted it, here’s a clue. The following is taken from my first review of La Forge, in describing the dessert:

 It was sweet and tasty, although I found the pastry a bit tough, and thought the chausson would be better if it had been warmed first. (And why do the French think all desserts should be eaten with a teaspoon, instead of a fork?)

Because Thomas had read the blog, he decided he had better serve my coconut cake with a fork, and not a spoon. Clever guy!

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2 Responses to Encore presentation: La Forge

  1. Gordon Pape says:

    Enjoy all your blogs. Has your address changed? Just had last year’s Christmas card return (almost a year after sending!), marked Unknown. Gordon

    • loren24250 says:

      Hi Gordon, Many thanks — glad you like Radio Free Daglan! For my part, I’m a close and enthusiastic reader of all your columns in the Globe. As for my address — nope. We’re in the same spot we’ve occupied since the summer of 2010. I will email with more. Cheers,

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