Another reason to visit St. Pompon

In summers past (pre-pandemic), Jan and I used to love going to the village of St. Pompon, about 6 kilometres from Daglan, for the Saturday night markets. Sometimes I go to the pharmacy in St. Pompon, because it’s well run and less jam-packed with customers than the one in Cénac. And occasionally Jan goes to the Vival store in St. Pompon when our own village convenience store runs out of something, like milk. But now we’ve got another reason to go.

It’s a place called La Forge, and it’s a fairly rustic restaurant that opened not too long ago. As you can imagine from this view of the exterior, this isn’t a place featuring Michelin-starred cuisine. However, we did have lunch there late last week with friends Roy and Helen, and had quite a nice time — and a good meal.

The not very impressive front.

The interior is actually somewhat more polished than the front entrance — still informal, but clean and pleasant. Here’s a view from our table:

A view from our table.

The proprietor is well known in our area, because he was one of the travelling nurses that make home visits, and for a time he was the popular Mayor of St. Pompon. His name is Thomas Michel, and here he is at work (properly wearing a mask) at the coffee machine:

The proprietor at work (man the coffee stations!)

The restaurant is known for offering good value — such good value that I was actually worried about the quality of the food, since the price is only 15 euros for three courses. But no worries at all, as it turned out. Here’s my shrimp samosa entrée, with four piping hot (and very tasty) packets, with a nice cooling salad on the side:

Hot, tasty samosas — and cool salad.

For my plat principal, I chose the haddock, and was delighted with the result. The fish was mild but tasty, drizzled with a creamy sauce including leeks. The rice accompaniment was also quite good. Here’s my plate:

Mild fish, smooth leek sauce.

Jan went for a grilled steak, and was quite pleased — not only with its taste, but the size of the serving. In fact, she didn’t quite finish all the fries and salad. Here’s her plate:

Steak and fries — what’s not to like?

Both Jan and Helen chose not to have dessert, but Roy and I both had the chausson aux pommes — small apple turnovers, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. It was sweet and tasty, although I found the pastry a bit tough, and thought the chausson would be better if it had been warmed first. (And why do the French think all desserts should be eaten with a teaspoon, instead of a fork?) Here’s my dessert:

Good, but could have been better — if warmed.

Near the end of our meal, the sun came out in its full glory, and the chef opened up the patio doors to let in some light and heat. In summer, the patio is apparently quite a pleasant place:

Letting in some of the great outdoors.

If you’re interested, La Forge is open on weekdays only, and the phone number is 05 – 53 – 28 – 89 – 09.

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3 Responses to Another reason to visit St. Pompon

  1. Karen says:

    Reminds me of the saying , You can’t tell a book by it’s cover.

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