Lovely place, lovely lunch

What started us on our most recent restaurant discovery was a recommendation from friend Rosemary, who had enjoyed lunch with her family at Domaine de Monrecour.  On Tuesday, Jan and I visited the place with friends Roy and Helen, and all four of us agreed that this was truly a lovely place to relax with a lovely lunch.

Funnily enough, Jan and I had visited the grounds of Domaine de Monrecour several years ago, and concluded that the restaurant probably would be a bit too formal, traditional, and even stuffy. But that turns out not to be the case.

To explain, Domaine de Monrecour describes itself as “Château Hôtel Restaurant,” and its 12-hectare property is located in the hamlet of Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse, about 2 kilometres west of Beynac, just off the main road that leads to Bergerac. So it’s easy to find if you know your Greater Daglan Area. While the four of us didn’t explore the hotel, the château website boasts 31 rooms and eight separate cottages. There is a large pool, and well-kept grounds.

And now, on to lunch.

The dining room looks quite spacious and comfortable, but we had chosen to eat on the terrace. The day was sunny and warm, and grew hotter as we ate lunch; however, we were well shaded. Here’s a view of a corner of the main building, from our table:

A view from our table on the terrace.

We found the service to be friendly and prompt, and the servers were all properly masked. Here’s a look at one of the waitresses, near the ardoise or slate that displays the day’s special lunch menu. I realize you can’t read all the descriptions, but the point is that there was lots of choice (two entrées, three main courses and two desserts) and modest prices — 17 euros for two dishes, 21 euros for all three).

Lots of choice on the daily lunch menu.

We generally agreed that all the dishes were good, but that some could have used a tweak or two, and that the plate presentation wasn’t as artful as the servings at Restaurant O Moulin, about which I’ve raved often. Nevertheless, this was a pleasant lunch and a good value.

To begin, Jan and I both chose the terrine — not the smooth paste, but rougher-textured pâté de campagne, which I quite like. And the taste was terrific, although the little scattering of greens on the side didn’t really float my boat. Have a look:

A nice way to begin the meal.

For our main courses, Jan had steak, while Helen, Roy and I all had the medallions of pork, served with a sweetish kumquat sauce that went well with the meat. Again, we all thought the pork was good, although perhaps a touch dry, and again, I wasn’t impressed with the meager serving of vegetables on the side (although the slice of polenta was a nice addition to the plate). Here’s my plate and Roy’s:

The kumquat sauce was a nice, sweet addition.

For dessert, Roy had a small tart of fresh strawberries while Helen and I had the brownie, served with candied nuts and a creamy sauce. Helen and I liked the dessert, although she pointed out that having it served warm would have been an improvement. Roy enjoyed the strawberry tart, and gluten-allergic Jan was offered two scoops of sorbet — and raved about the rosemary sorbet.

The brownie would have been nicer if it were warm.

We’ve already planned our next visit to the restaurant, and will again sit outside if the weather permits. If you’d like to learn more, here’s the website:


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