Dishes du jour — 20 August 2020

Today we were back at Restaurant O Moulin in Carsac (about 30 minutes from Daglan), for lunch with first-timers Nancy and Iain. I know what you’re thinking: Gee, you write about this place a lot. Yes I do, and that’s because it’s quite wonderful.

If you need details, just refer to my posting of July 17. Otherwise, plunge ahead for a look at some stand-out dishes.

As always, we were first served a few tasty amuse-bouches, and then enjoyed a delicious cold soup — a gazpacho made with green tomatoes and flavoured with garden herbs. Then all four of us had the same entrée that had me swooning in the July 17 posting. Here’s how I described it last month:

In French, the salad is described on the menu as “Les tomates Bio de Céline CHOQUEL, espuma de burrata et jambon sec Sérrano 24 mois.”  In English, that’s a salad of organic tomatoes with a foam or mousse of burrata cheese, and sprinkled with bits of Serrano ham, aged 24 months.

And here’s a look at it, from the Radio Free Daglan photo  file:

Truly the taste of summer.

Two of us (my wife Jan and I) had just an entrée and a main course — roast breast of duck for  Jan, and filets of Dorade royale, served with a lovely sauce and julienned vegetables, for me. Here’s my plate:

A yummy plate of fish.

Nancy and Iain both had desserts — a tiramisu for Nancy, and a simple dish of sorbets for Iain. And although his dessert was simple, it was nicely decorated, and so I present it here:

A well-decorated dessert.

So, when will you be going there?

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