The clean-up (done properly)

This will be a short posting, with one key message: All hail Cirque Cancy! The cirque is the travelling circus that I described briefly in yesterday’s posting. Here’s a reminder, using the photo of the booth where circus-goers could buy their tickets:

The big top is just behind this ticket booth, or caisse.

At the time, a loyal reader (and good friend) speculated that there might be trouble at les poubelles (the garbage and recycling bins), because the circus would be held very close to them. A mess? Vandalism? Who knows? I promised to check.

So this morning I carried out my duties, and went to the site of les poubelles, which is just outside our village of Daglan. And guess what?

Not a hint of trouble. No litter, no broken equipment, nothing left behind. All trucks gone. All animals gone. And believe it or not, even the posters for the circus — which were tacked up just about everywhere, including in neighbouring villages like St. Cybranet — were gone.

Now that is how to clean up after yourselves, folks. Well done, Cirque Cancy!

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