At last — publicity for our “fun fair”

I can’t say that this will have the tourists pouring in, but a poster has finally been completed and displayed for Daglan’s Fête Foraine de la Saint-Louis, or fun fair, which begins on Friday (yes, just three days from now) and runs through Sunday. Until now, there has been no promotion, other than some dry information from the Mairie, or Mayor’s office.

Actually, today I saw two of the posters, one taped to the front window of our village’s convenience store, and the other on a post just outside the village. Are you ready for it?

Nice looking but short on details.

Note the lack of specifics — not even the location is shown. What’s being played up is a “sound and light” show of “dancing fountains.” It takes place on Saturday night at 10:30, and perhaps the best news is that it’s free. Of course, the poster does point out that there will be “many attractions,” which should really pull in the crowds at the parking lot behind the Salle des fêtes.

On the other side of the publicity spectrum is the Cirque Cancy, one of the small travelling circuses that tour our area in summer. Posters for tonight’s 6 p.m. show have been plastered all over the place for days, and then this travelling clown-construction has been in our village’s main square all day:

Lots of tourists were taking photos of this guy.

And in case you were wondering what a travelling circus looks like, here’s a photo of the place where you buy your tickets, with the big top just behind it:

An eye-catching display that says “circus” all the way.

By the way, if you’re planning to attend, a face mask is obligatory.

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