Our fun fair — some news, and some fake news

Daglan’s office of the Mayor, the Mairie, and just about everybody else conceivably involved, are being very stingy with details about the Fête Foraine de la Saint-Louis —  a three-day “fun fair”, which is to begin next Friday (August 21). I wrote about this recently in “Unfair? No — fun fair!” which I posted on August 13. In that post, I confirmed that our traditional four-day Fête de la Saint-Louis had been cancelled, because of the pandemic.

But now I have some actual news, of sorts, plus a tiny bit of what I’ll call fake news. It was fake for not very long, and it took place only between my wife Jan and me, but I’ll start with it simply because it’s a bit amusing.

It was yesterday (Friday) when Jan and I were driving out of the village to do some shopping. As we left Daglan, gaining speed, she asked me if I had seen the poster for the “fun fair.” I had been concentrating on the road, so no, I hadn’t seen it. What did it say?

She told me she had got only a glimpse, but that it said the activities would be at the stade, Daglan’s rugby pitch, which is about a kilometre from our house. So, even if the loudspeakers on the bumper car ride were played until very late, it wouldn’t bother us.  We both cheered. Yay!

But the good feeling lasted only until we drove back to Daglan after shopping. As we arrived, Jan asked if I had seen the poster for the fun fair. No — where was it? There — there’s another one, she pointed out. Hah! It turns out it was a poster for a travelling circus, which is putting on a show at the stade on Tuesday evening. You can see why Jan made the mistake, since we were driving by quite quickly:

Well, it does look a poster for a “fun fair.”

And now for the real “news,” if you interpret that term quite loosely. Jan found this in a recent bulletin from the Mairie; I had missed the item completely, because I had assumed the brief paragraph was part of a bigger article. Anyway, here it is:

How to avoid getting attention.

The paragraph conveys just two points: La Fête de la Saint-Louis has indeed been cancelled, and the amusement rides will be located on the esplanade of the Salle des Fêtes, or community hall. With any luck, that means we won’t be kept awake by the bumper-car loudspeakers until 2 a.m.

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