A smoother ride

Perhaps you have a holiday home in the Greater Daglan Area, and haven’t been able to visit because of pandemic-related travel restrictions. Even so, you’ll probably recognize the view below — and you’ll also know what’s new about it.

Yes, it’s the road into Daglan from the north, and what’s new is that the road has a smooth, grey surface.

Over the past couple of weeks, the road from Daglan has been re-surfaced all the way up to St. Cybranet, a distance of seven kilometres. While the work was of course disruptive to traffic (and there is a lot these days, at the height of the tourist season), the change is welcome. One of our friends told me that his wife — who has back problems — really appreciates have a smooth ride, without the bumps and jolts his car used to experience.

The surface appears to be a very fine gravel, presumably pressed into some kind of tar. One thing I don’t know is whether this is the end result, or whether the road will be coated with blacktop in due course. Have a look:

A fine grey surface.

While the resurfaced road means a much smoother ride for cars, one of my friends who is an avid cyclist said the gravel surface is a bit tricky for cyclists. Too bad, because cycling is a popular activity in these parts.

An unnecessary sign:  I was amused by the following sight this morning, as I made yet another trip to les poubelles (the garbage bins) near Daglan’s rugby pitch. What you’ll see below is the bin that was burned out, an act that I described recently in my blog as either arson or stupidity. The bin has been completely covered in heavy plastic, and wrapped with tape. Fair enough. But did we really need the sign saying Do Not Use?

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

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