Trash Talk 5: Arsonist? Or moron?

Just to be clear, I did not begin this blog in the hopes of becoming the garbage-bin correspondent for a major newspaper. And I do realize I’ve written about the Daglan area’s new garbage bins (les poubelles) several times already. But news is news, and so I’m back at it one more time — with a bit of an odd, or even disturbing, development.

Yesterday (Sunday) around noon, as I was driving to les poubelles that lie near the village’s rugby pitch, I had a concern. One of the small travelling circuses that frequent our area in summer had put on a show at the rugby pitch on Saturday night, and I was a bit worried that their vehicles would still be in place, blocking me from going near the bins.

As I approached my destination, I could see that the field was clear. Phew! But as I got even closer, I saw something that seemed awfully odd: It appeared that the top of one of the garbage bins (which are quite large and sturdy) had been ripped off. What in the world?

Then I drove right up to the bins, and could see what had happened. A fire within the bin obviously (at least obviously to me) had burned away the entire top, leaving the mechanism in place but scorched, and one side of the bin completely black. Have a close-up look:

Front view: Clearly a ruined bin.

And here is a view of the other side of the bin. You can see shreds of plastic hanging down from the rim:

Another view: Notice the dangling plastic shreds.

So the question is: What could have caused this? Was it the work of some mad vandal or arsonist? Or was it done by a moron — someone who put hot charcoal (or equivalent) down the chute, where the garbage caught on fire? I suppose we’ll never know.

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3 Responses to Trash Talk 5: Arsonist? Or moron?

  1. Karen Lassman says:

    Put Inspector Clouseau on the case!

  2. Double D's says:

    I remember trying to throw away a garbage can before Toronto brought in using a standard bin and it was difficult. The plastic lid was broken and the bin provided no challenge for garbage curious creatures of the night. It didn’t matter how I tried to mix it in with other garbage it was pulled out and left behind after each collection. I even wrote “garbage” on the can (joking). Eventually I flattened it out and they finally collected it.

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