A Cava correction

Accuracy is something I strive for in Radio Free Daglan, and when I find I’ve made an error, I want to correct it. And so this is an apology, of sorts, for something I wrote in “A bit of a Spanish connection,” posted on June 26.

In a bit of a rant, I had written that it’s occasionally frustrating to discover that products from nearby countries are difficult to find in the Greater Daglan  Area. Here is the part that I came to realize is wrong:

Spain is a neighbour (and is particularly close to those of us in the southwest of France), and supermarkets here do stock a number of Spanish products — olives and chorizo come to mind. It’s easy to buy Prosecco (from Italy) but not Cava (from Spain).

The day that I posted my piece was Friday, and the next day Jan and I went shopping in Gourdon to get supplies for a lunch we were hosting for good friends the next day. And when Jan emerged from the Carrefour supermarket, she proudly announced that she had found bottles of Cava in the store, and had bought two of them! She was as surprised as I was.

And so, just to prove the point, here’s a view from my end of the table at our Spanish-themed Sunday lunch: a bottle of Cava, a glass of the bubbly, and a look at my serving of paella:

Some Spanish treats.



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