Notes from our lock-down, April 24

As I’m sure you know, or can guess, life here in the small village of Daglan tends to be pretty quiet — but these days we are setting new records for quiet. Bird song seems louder, and we perk up a bit when we hear a truck rumble through the village, but that’s about it. Still, life goes on during the Covid-19 lock-down, and here are a few notes.

Some good communication. We have been impressed with the communication program of our Mairie de Daglan — the office of the Mayor. Recently we received in our mailbox  a four-page newsletter full of reminders, advice, and news, including directions on making a face mask, and a reminder that the restaurants La Cantine and Le Petit Paris are offering take-out foods. As well, I receive email bulletins from the Mairie; the latest reported that the large déchetterie near Cénac had re-opened. (Daglan has bins for household garbage, glass bottles and jars, and recyclable materials, but the area’s  large déchetteries are staffed, and are able to accept much more waste — including tree branches, lumber, and small appliances.)

Spring has truly sprung. Although it’s hard to get as excited as usual about the arrival of spring — I mean, we can’t go to cafés and sit outdoors to enjoy the sun — but the warmer weather is still welcome, and it’s comforting to see the plants coming to life and the flowers blooming. As an example, here’s a display of glycine — wisteria in English — on  a fence across from the village Mairie:

A pretty good display of wisteria.

And here’s the walnut tree in a neighbour’s garden, across from our house, showing that most of its leaves are already out:

A walnut tree in leaf.

All set for Sunday lunch. As noted above, and in my post of April 2 (“A restaurant comes to us”), Daglan’s lovely restaurant Le Petit Paris is offering take-out dishes. For this coming Sunday, my wife Jan and I have decided to try the porc au caramel with sweet potatoes, as well as desserts: chocolate fondant for me, panna cotta for Jan. Here’s the restaurant’s full menu:

We’ve made our choice — Sunday lunch it is!

And beyond all this excitement? Well, exercising; having breakfast; reading; watching television; drinking Viognier; and communicating with friends via Skype and telephone and email. You know — the usual lock-down range of activities.

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3 Responses to Notes from our lock-down, April 24

  1. Marla says:

    Does this mean that the local bins are no longer overflowing?

    • Loren Chudy says:

      Well, it depends, Marla. On Sunday I went to the bins at the salle des fêtes, and the recycling bin was jam-packed. No way to add anything. But then this morning I went to the bins near the cemetery parking lot, and there was no problem. So I guess it’s just a matter of when (how often) the bins are emptied.

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