Another tale of two vines

April is the right time for my more-or-less annual report on our glycine — that would be wisteria, to you — that are growing vibrantly across the front of our home in Daglan. My last report on the subject was “A leader and a laggard,” posted on April 2, 2019.

Leading down from our front door is a set of steps, and to either side of the stairs is a wisteria vine that I planted a few years ago.

About the vines themselves, we have no complaints. Okay, we do — first, they grow so quickly that it’s a real chore trimming them back through the spring and summer.  Second, they are not proven producers of flowers, unlike some of the plants we see throughout the Greater Daglan Area.

This April, the real winner is the vine on the right side of our house. The loser, obviously, is the one on the left. In this photo of the left-hand vine, you may be able to spot a rather pathetic attempt at a flower, slowly developing:

Weak, weak, weak.

In sharp contrast, the vine on the right side of the house has been cranking out blooms — long, intricate, lacy things with small light-violet flowers — at a furious pace. Here it is:

Now this is more like it!

If this discrepancy continues for many more years, we may need to take drastic action. I am even thinking of leaving the left-hand vine out of my will. That’ll fix it!

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2 Responses to Another tale of two vines

  1. Rosemarie Pasdar says:

    Great little story – made me go out and take a photo of your vines -they are both lovely and feel very sorry for the rejected one on the left – you will see in years to come it will blossom for you – that is if you don’t cut it out of your will 🤪



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