Horses and riders, put to the test

Had you been driving south into Daglan from St. Cybranet this morning, as I was, you would have come across this sign at the side of the road, which basically tells drivers to slow down and be careful, for good reason:

Horses and riders ahead!

Yes, it’s a Course d’endurance (or Endurance Course, obviously), which is something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of. (Confession: I’m not a member of the horsey set.) So I drove slowly ahead, and found a fairly massive grouping of cars and trucks and horse trailers and (of course) horses and riders, grouped around the rugby club building at the Stade Municipal. Here’s a look at just some of them:

Gathering near the rugby club building.

And here is a closer view of some of the horses being walked by their riders:

Horses being walked.

Since I hadn’t heard anything about the event, I drove on to our village’s convenience store, the 8 à Huit, to see if it had any publicity posted. As always, there were indeed some posters on the front doors, advertising events like a forthcoming rugby match. But nothing about an endurance course for horses and riders.

Then I tried the Mayor’s office, where any number of posters and official notices are regularly on display. Again, nothing about the endurance course.

At home, I tried the Internet, and still couldn’t find anything current about today’s event. I did learn that at one such event that began a few years ago in the historic village of Monpazier (about an hour’s drive from us), the goal was 160 kilometres in a day, at an average speed of about 20 kilometres an hour.

Maybe this is the kind of event that’s good for horse owners and riders, but not of general interest — that is, not worth publicizing. Still, that seems a bit of a shame to me. Of course, if any of my readers know more details, please add them in the Comments section below. Merci beaucoup!


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2 Responses to Horses and riders, put to the test

  1. Marla says:

    “horsey set” Love that! And me neither.

  2. Sam Hershfield says:


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