Our great garbage switcheroo

Disposing of garbage and recyclable materials in Daglan is getting a new, modern look. I realize that this won’t be of immense interest, necessarily, but the information could be useful if you have a holiday home in our area, or are planning to rent a property here in the months ahead.

Those of you familiar with the village will know that the largest repository for garbage (and so on, including glass jars and bottles) has been tucked away near the cemetery. Well, that collection point is being buried (ouch). Here’s how the work looked yesterday:

Our big dig.

I’m not sure, at this point, what use will be made of the space (but of course I’ll keep a beady eye on the situation), but what will disappear are those bins — the heavy green ones for glass, the other green ones for “normal” garbage, and the grey bins with yellow tops for the recyclables, such as paper and cardboard.

So, what’s taking the place of the bins? Big, heavy, rather industrial-looking bins — small versions of the kind of tanks you see at oil refineries. And where are they going? Well, right here:

That’s the rugby pitch in the background.

In other words, the containers are set in a rather dramatic row not far from the Stade Municipal, where rugby is played. (In case you weren’t aware of it, people in the Greater Daglan Area are rugby-mad.)

As of now, there are stickers on all the bins with the words NE PAS UTILISER (that is, DO NOT USE), which seems somewhat self-defeating. But I’m sure someone will remove the stickers before too long.

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2 Responses to Our great garbage switcheroo

  1. Karen says:

    You’re talking trash!

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