State of the Village Address

Now I could have called this posting “The Mayor’s Speech,” echoing the title of that (very good) film “The King’s Speech.” But then you might have thought that Daglan’s Mayor is struggling with some sort of stammering problem, which he isn’t. So “State of the Village” it is.

Actually, the “State of the Village Address” (as I call it) was described as “la traditionnelle cérémonie des vœux” on a nicely printed card that was inserted in our mailbox recently. It said that Daglan’s Mayor and the entire municipal council have invited us to go to the village’s salle des fêtes, or community hall, on Friday, January 10, beginning at 7 p.m.

My wife Jan and I have been to this annual event several times before, and believe me, it’s not just an occasion for standing around awkwardly and having a glass of wine. The event actually gives a chance to the Mayor (Pascal Dussol) to present a rather detailed explanation of what happened in the village during the past year, and what’s planned for the new year. It’s well done, illustrated by a series of slides, and a great chance to get up to date on village life.

So if you live in Daglan or one of our outlying hamlets, do try to attend. It’s a good way to kick off a bonne année.

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8 Responses to State of the Village Address

  1. Sam Hershfield says:

    Maybe Pascal could come to Bradenton and show Wayne Poston, our mayor the proper way to keep his city informed?

  2. D2 says:

    Before reading this Blog I just finished a story of a grandmother who was tasered 3 times by local police located in Bradenton. Happy New Year L&J

    • Loren Chudy says:

      I just got a note on that incident from my long-time friend Sam, who lives in Bradenton. How awful. But thanks for the New Year wishes — and the same to both of you (plus daughters!).

  3. carolynivana says:

    Hello Lauren

    Thank you for this post, as we don’t ever receive any of the Daglan community mail in our mail box and Daglan has not as yet moved into the 21st century and realised that email is a highly efficient method of communication overcoming the non mail box delivery issue. As an active resident I will do my best to attend


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