We’ve had some awfully wet weather lately, as previously reported in Radio Free Daglan (December 15). Sometimes we’ve had gentle showers, other times we’ve had hard rain. Unfortunately, some days we’ve also been hit with serious storms, bringing strong winds that have been knocking down trees all over the Greater Daglan Area.

One of the victims, in turns out, is our village’s Christmas tree, which has been standing proudly in the Place de la Liberté. But today just before noon, it looked anything but proud, as you can see:

Our fallen Christmas tree.

I’m not sure the village workers will be rushing to its rescue, at least today anyway, because of the sometimes torrential rain we’ve had to endure this morning. In fact, this photo was taken through the window of my car, because the rain was so heavy I didn’t want to roll down the window even for a minute.

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9 Responses to Timber!

  1. Barry Leon says:

    Sorry to hear about that dreadful weather.

    While I read your blog regularly, it never occurs to me to comment … although usually I’m just salivating at the wonderful meal described.

    Wishing Jan and you a wonderful and — even if the weather outside is frightful, as the song goes — a warm and joyful Christmas!


    • Loren Chudy says:

      Hey Barry — How wonderful to hear from you. I read your comment outloud to Jan (one floor below my computer/desk) and she kept exclaiming “How wonderful!” We hope all is well with you too, that you have an enjoyable holiday season, and that 2020 proves to be another great year.

  2. Edward McGaugh says:

    Sympathy abound from us here in Switzerland. We have endured a similar event on a domestic level. We bought three new strands of lights for our tree this year and all three completely died within a few days. It may not have been laying on the ground like yours but ours had to be completely redecorated, which wasn’t so easy with Mel in a full arm cast! Bah humbug!

  3. Marla says:

    Oh no! I’m sad to see this. Hopefully some kind souls (workers or others) can get it put upright again before Christmas.

  4. Teressa Lavery says:

    I am sure you won’t need the tree to supplement the festivities. Hope the rain stops, living in the NW of England, we are pretty used to it.

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