Early December notes (2019 edition)

Things may be quiet around here, as I wrote recently, but the village is starting to get that Happy Holidays vibe. A few of our neighbours have started to adorn the exteriors of their homes with Christmas trees and other decorations, and the village workers have installed the Christmas lights that hang from street lamps and trees.

Of course, we’re all waiting with bated breath for the installation of the village’s Christmas tree. Will it match or even exceed the beauty of recent specimens? Time will tell, and of course I will report.

And speaking of Christmas: It seems that Christmas markets are a big deal in France. The outdoor markets of Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse are well known, and pretty impressive. And now Daglan is getting a Marché de Noël of its own, next Sunday (December 8) in our Salle des fêtes, or town hall.

Here’s the banner announcing our Christmas market. The banner is hanging where you’ll see it as you enter Daglan from the south (that is, coming over the Pont Neuf or driving in from the direction of Saint Pompon):

Yes, our very own Christmas market.

I’ll have more details for you, later in the week, but I wanted to give you a heads-up notice first. So mark the event in your calendar, if you’re able to attend — and while you’re at it, plan on shopping in our black-truffle market, which will open the same day. Y’all come!

On other fronts, the seasonal shutdowns continue. One of the most recent closures was the Thai restaurant Sawadee, in neighbouring Cénac. My wife Jan and I had lunch there recently, on its last day of the season, and enjoyed our meals as always. Here’s a look at my glistening plate of chicken and vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce. Delicious!

A great portion of great food.

The sad news, of course, is that we will be without one of our go-to restaurants for some time. The good news is that we know when Sawadee will re-open. That’s set for March 13, 2020. Yay!


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6 Responses to Early December notes (2019 edition)

  1. Paul says:

    You’re lucky, Christmas here (UK) started 2 weeks ago – far too early!

    • Loren Chudy says:

      I know what you mean, Paul. We had that same “problem” in Canada (and the U.S.). It can barely feel like autumn and suddenly there are Christmas decorations everywhere!

      • Marla says:

        Costco installed their initial Christmas aisle in August. Before back-to-school / Halloween / Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day. It’s stomach churning. I look forward to seeing a follow up post of this Saturday’s event.

  2. Loren Chudy says:

    Thanks Marla. I’ll be there! (But it’s on Sunday, not Saturday.) Cheers!

  3. Karen Lassman says:

    We could use some truffle salt. Couldn’t find it on our last trip. Buy it and we’ll pay you back.

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