Dish du jour — 27-10-2019

This past Thursday, we enjoyed another wonderful meal at Restaurant O Moulin in Carsac, about 30 minutes from Daglan. This time it was lunch with our friends Joanne, Chris and Les, and we all had splendid food.

Having written about the restaurant many times, today I’m simply going to show off one of the artful dishes. So here is that entrée that both Joanne and my wife Jan enjoyed. And here it is:

Not just attractive, but delicious.

On the plate? Rolls of gravlax of trout, accompanied by savoury quenelles and caviar. Both Jan and Joanne loved their dishes. But of course every dish was wonderful — so good, in fact, that on leaving the restaurant, I made another reservation for lunch. This time it will be with friends Elisabeth and Gerhard, this coming Thursday. Yummers!


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4 Responses to Dish du jour — 27-10-2019

  1. Karen Lassman says:

    I’m jealous. Those are among my favorite foods! ( Or as you say: favourite )

  2. Christine Marianne Provan says:

    Wow. Excellent reading and excellent pictures of amazing food. Not so good about the rain though.

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