Our quiet (and lovely) retreat

Daglan’s annual Fête de la Saint-Louis took place this past weekend. And that explains why my wife Jan and I escaped the village — well, the loud, late-night music from the nearby bumper car ride — for three nights. Our August escape from the fête  is pretty much a tradition.

Last year our destination was Toronto, home of family and friends, but most years we stay somewhere within a short driving distance of Daglan, so we can look after our cat Souci during the days. At night our friend Sara stays at our home, watching over Souci as well, while her young son enjoys the fête.

This year we tried a new place (new to us, that is), and were delighted not only with the tranquillity but also the hospitality, the comfort, the food, and lots more. Here’s the front of La Belle Demeure, on the road leading out of St. Cybranet on the way to Cénac:

The sign out front.

La Belle Demeure (the word demeure means residence, by the way) is a B & B, so breakfast is offered each morning. Dinners are offered occasionally (we enjoyed a three-course dinner on the Saturday night), while snacks are offered at apéro time and bottles of wine can be purchased.

Breakfast, dinners and drinks are served on a large, grape-vine-covered terrace when the weather allows, and it’s an attractive setting for relaxing and conversation, with a view overlooking the pool. Here’s the view:

Care for a dip?

And here are a few more details on aspects of La Belle Demeure that Jan and I enjoyed:

The hospitality. Our hosts were the owners, Richard and Philippe — both experienced in hotels and both brimming with hospitality, enthusiasm, good humour, and genuine concern for the comfort of their guests. Richard is English and Philippe is French, and both are fluently bilingual.

The comfort. While the building is old, the conveniences are up to date. Our room was large, with just the right amount of furniture, good lighting, a very comfortable mattress, and a well-appointed bathroom (with enough shelf space for toiletries and so on).

The food. Our Saturday night dinner included foie gras to begin, then a delicious chicken pie, and for dessert a Pavlova covered in whipped cream and fresh fruit. We had breakfast at the B & B each morning, and were impressed with the variety of foods on offer — with at least one different fresh-baked dish (baked by Richard) each morning.

So clearly this place has the Radio Free Daglan seal of approval. For future reference, the phone number is 05 – 53 – 28 – 57 – 12, if you’re calling from France. If you’re outside France, you dial the country code (33) and omit the 0 in the 05 beginning.

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4 Responses to Our quiet (and lovely) retreat

  1. I love the pool ! Nice review!

  2. Joan says:

    A new place to try next time!

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