Packing up early

It looks to us like Daglan’s Fête de la Saint-Louis — what I call the Festival of Heat and Noise — is losing a bit of momentum. It’s supposed to be a four-day event, but today there is already strong evidence that interest is fading.

You may recall that I recently posted a photo of a massive bumper car ride that was installed in the village’s main square. While the cars themselves aren’t much of a nuisance, the loud music blaring from the ride’s loudspeakers is very much an irritant. Here’s a reminder of what the ride looks like:

Ready to rumble.

Since today (Monday) is the last day of the festival, the ride should still  be operating. So imagine our surprise when my wife Jan and I drove into the village early this morning, and found that the ride had been completely broken down and packed into its carrying vehicle, ready to be carted away. Here’s the truck, with the ride inside:

Ready to roll.

Later on, just after noon, I again drove into Daglan after doing some shopping, and found that virtually all the stalls — games, candy vendors and so on — were either completely gone or else packed into trucks and vans and ready to disembark. I guess business just isn’t what it used to be.

Tonight there is a bal musette scheduled — that’s a sort of old-fashioned dance, typically including accordion music — but that seems to be the last gasp of our festival.

Two more reports on all this will be coming soon. One will be my coverage of Sunday’s fête parade, and the other will be a review of the lovely B & B where Jan and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, in order to avoid the noise of the bumper car ride.

At least tonight, noise levels should be back to normal — which is to say, nice and quiet.


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