Where to work out (and I do mean out)

What I appreciate most about Daglan’s Mayor and his council members is that they seem to focus on what residents and holiday makers in our area actually need or want.

To the best of my knowledge, they spend no time discussing matters outside their control. So, there are no debates about a possible trade deal with China. No discussion of France’s foreign policy towards Zambia. No time spent chewing over whether France should impose new tariffs on goods from Chile, or make the Périgord goose the national bird.

Nope. Instead, they devote some thought and effort — and taxpayers’ money — to programs that will improve the environment around here (more flowers, more plants, ongoing street-cleaning), and increase tourism (various local festivals, the winter and summer truffle markets), and even improve health and fitness.

(And by the way, doesn’t this seem like it would be a sensible approach for a large number of so-called national “leaders” around the world? Seems to me much better than building walls, fighting against their own citizens of different religions, and so on.)

In any case, a great example of providing facilities to improve Daglan life is the new installation of exercise equipment next to our village tennis court, which is behind the Salle des Fêtes, or community hall.

Here’s a look at it, being put to good use by my wife Jan (on the right) and her regular exercise pal, Rosemary:

Work it … work it … work it!

In total, there are 10 pieces of the UrbaGym equipment, rugged enough for outdoor conditions, and seemingly well designed and constructed. Here’s another view, looking away from the hall and towards the Céou River:

Equipment like this isn’t cheap

I checked with the manufacturer’s website, and the individual pieces range in price from 390 euros to 490 euros. So this seems like a reasonable price for such high quality.

The whole area is enclosed, with what seems like a sturdy fence, and is reasonably well marked. The area is carpeted in AstroTurf, so it should be quite durable. Here’s the main sign:

The welcoming sign

Each piece of equipment carries a metal sign that shows the key purpose of the piece, which muscle groups it targets, and how to use it properly. And all of this is in four languages — Spanish, English, Portuguese, and of course French. Here’s an example:

Four languages, but tiny type

I’ve already tried a few pieces of the equipment, and found them quite easy to use and well designed. And Jan plans to use the equipment whenever her exercise partner isn’t available, like this morning.

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4 Responses to Where to work out (and I do mean out)

  1. Deb Laing says:

    What a fantastic idea.

  2. Teressa Lavery says:

    Keeping the body healthy can be hungry work, so glad there are fab restaurants nearby.

  3. David Russell says:

    Well done Daglan.

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