Plenty of sunshine, coming our way…

We are currently enduring what the French call a canicule and we English-speakers call a heat wave. The entire southwest of France (in which we reside) is under a weather warning, and the papers are full of advice about staying cool and averting risk. No wonder — tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 40 C.

Even when the temperature has not been quite so beastly, there has been plenty of sunshine in the Greater Daglan Area. Since this period was preceded by weeks and weeks of rainy weather, the growing conditions evidently were perfect for the fields of sunflowers that are so common here.

Here is a look at one such field, located just south of the main cluster of buildings that is the village of St. Cybranet:

A large field of sunshine.

We’re not positive about this, but my wife Jan and I think that the sunflower fields around us are blooming earlier than normal this year. Maybe yes, maybe no. But in any case, there sure are a lot of blooms out there now.



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