Pop … pop … poppies!

Today has been a national holiday in France (Ascension). Which meant that most businesses have been closed for at least a half day, if not the whole day.

Which meant that the Othentic Spa in Costeraste is closed. Which meant that this morning, I was not able to take part in the vigorous aquagym exercise program in the spa pool, as I do three times a week.

Which meant that, for some exercise, I headed out for a walk with my Nordic walking batons, along the bicycle path that runs all the way north from Daglan to Castelnaud. Which meant that I was able to see this:

Way too many poppies to count.

Yes, spring is when those lovely red poppies start popping up, all over rural France. Often there are just scatterings of them, mixed in with the tall grasses that grow beside our roads. But sometimes you get to see whole fields of them, as I did this morning. A lovely sight!

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