Dish du jour — 25 – 04 – 2019

Let us first clear up something: No, I have not been hired as Director of Publicity for the Restaurant O Moulin. This year I’ve  written several glowing reports on the restaurant in Carsac, a 30-minute drive from Daglan, simply I think it’s so darn good.

If you missed it, I did a full review of the place in “A river runs through it,” posted on February 12 of this year. In it, I wrote:

How good is the restaurant? Well, when I checked TripAdvisor yesterday, there were 89 reviews — with 80 “excellent” ratings, eight “very good” ratings, and just one “average.” So I’m not the only one who likes it.

Most recently, my wife Jan and I lunched at the restaurant with friends Babs and John on Thursday, and now I’ll just show off one particularly excellent dish — my plat principal.

On the menu, it’s shown as “Pavé de lieu jaune,  légèrement fumé, cannelloni de courgette et ail noir.”  In other words, that’s a square filet of pollock (a relative of the cod), lightly smoked, and served with a stuffed tube made out of the wafer-thin slices of zucchini.

When our waitress served our table, I was surprised to see that my main course was contained in a small black casserole, with a lid. But then she removed the lid, and a puff of smoke wafted out. And here was the fish:

A delicate and savoury dish.

I’m not sure how Chef made the sauce that the fish was poached in, but it was smooth and silky and delicious. I took a long time to finish my dish, simply because I was enjoying it so much that I wanted to linger.

And when we left, friends Babs and John — newcomers to the restaurant — agreed readily with Jan and me that this place truly deserves success.

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