Dishes du jour — 6 – 04 – 2019

Yesterday (Saturday), we lunched at the Restaurant O Moulin in Carsac (30 minutes or so from Daglan) for the third time this year. And it was possibly the best meal yet — with true artistry on the plate.

For a full review of the restaurant, see my posting of February 12, “A river runs through it.” It’s easy to find earlier postings in the Archives column to the right of the main blog text.

This time my wife Jan and I were with our good friend Joanne, and after settling in with a kir vin blanc, and enjoying a delicious selection of amuse-bouche, we all decided that the choices on the three-course 45-euro menu seemed the most appealing.

And then it began: Perfectly cooked food, wonderful ingredients, artistically arranged plates, all brought to us with warm and friendly but professional service.

My starter was a nice surprise. It was described on the menu simply as mi-cuit foie gras, served with cocoa nibs and little cones of bergamot, the citrus flavour used in making Earl Grey Tea. But chocolate with foie gras? Have a look:

Looks like dessert, but it’s not.

When my dish arrived, we all commented that it looked more like a dessert than an entrée. But the chocolate topping over the foie, and the little cones of gel, and the crunchy cocoa nibs actually were perfect with the liver. To accompany it, I had a cold glass of Rosette from Bergerac, a wine that’s more fruity and less syrupy than the traditional Monbazillac. Meanwhile, Jan and Joanne were both very happy with their starter based on scallops in a velvety crab sauce.

For our plat principal, each of us chose the beef dish, and were delighted with the tender filet de bœuf Limousin and its vegetable and potato accompaniments, surrounded by a rich dark sauce.  With it, we had a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage red. Here’s my plate:

Tender beef with a rich sauce. Happy!

When it came time for dessert, Joanne was intrigued by the sound of a Mariage de la framboise et du coquelicot — described on the English-language menu as an “Alliance between the raspberry and the poppy.” As it turned out, the “poppy” was a tuile or baked wafer, and the whole effect was lovely. Here’s her dessert:

A raspberry delight.

As for my dessert, I once again found it impossible to resist the call of the chocolate — this time, Manjari chocolate, with nuts and blood orange. And of course I was delighted with this mix of chocolate flavours and textures:

Variations on the theme of chocolate.

After our coffees and mignardises, the three of us left for home, but all vowing to return to O Moulin before long.

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4 Responses to Dishes du jour — 6 – 04 – 2019

  1. Deborah Laing says:

    Wow, it looks fabulous. Must pay a visit.

    Deb xx

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    • loren24250 says:

      Yes Deb, it really is a very nice place — well deserving of success. And despite the incredibly fine food, the service is prompt. Unlike another spot that you and I know well!

  2. Allan Schlar says:

    Loren, as usual your wonderful words and pictures leave me salivating for these wonderous plates of delight. Daglan seems a throwback to simpler times, minus today’s “Paris is burning” politics.

    You are worthy of the title and chapeaux “ our man in Daglan, France”

    Be well.

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