“All’s right with the world!”

Yes, I do know that all is not right with the world — far from it. However, that’s the first thing my wife Jan exclaimed today as we sat down for our first lunch of the year at Sawadee, the Thai restaurant in Cénac.

So while there are serious problems elsewhere on our planet, and indeed there are, at least there was a most happy couple today in the Greater Daglan Area.

For one thing, the sun has been shining, the temperature has broken through the 20-degree barrier (that’s 68 American), and flowering shrubs and trees are going gangbusters. Like this tree, in front of a large home near Sawadee:

One of the sure signs of spring.

Even better than the nice weather, however, was this year’s opening of Sawadee. In years past, the first meal (after a winter break) has been in February. But when we phoned to make a reservation, we were told that the restaurant was having work done — and that projects almost always take longer than first planned.

So, what was the work? Well, it’s quite nice — a completely new, crisp and clean bar area when you enter, which leads into a completely renovated kitchen, with all the latest high-tech cooking equipment, including refrigerated pull-out drawers.  Here’s a look:

Chef said she was delighted with her kitchen.

What counts, of course, is the food, and once again we were not disappointed. Jan had a shrimp dish that she loved, and I had my latest favourite — chicken sautéed with vegetables and cashews. Here’s my plate:

Tender chicken, and lots of veggies.

Even before I began to write this posting, I wanted to use Jan’s exclamation at lunch as my title. But when I sat down at the computer, Jan called up to me: “How about this for a title — ‘O joy, o bliss!'” And yes, that works as well. Good thing we’ve already made plans to have lunch at Sawadee with friends on Friday.

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1 Response to “All’s right with the world!”

  1. Joe says:

    Yes, Lauren, your lunch looked delicious.

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