For lovers of flowers and other plants

If you live in the Greater Daglan Area, and you like growing flowers and other plants, this coming Sunday (March 17) would be a great day to visit our village. If you don’t meet those two criteria (GDA residency and flowerphilia) you can stop reading now.

What happens Sunday is the fourth annual version of Daglan’s Fête du Printemps, or Spring Festival, and it’s one of the area’s first festivals devoted to the display and sale of flowers, vegetables, vines, shrubs, flowering trees and other plants. The weather here in mid-March is often cool and overcast if not rainy, but there’s still lots of action.

If you’d like to learn more, and see photos, my previous postings on the festival were on March 20, 2016; March 18, 2017; and March 18, 2018.

Here’s one of the festival’s brightly coloured promotional signs that I photographed today:

Our village does pretty good signage, I think.

Also on tap for Sunday are a number of exhibitions, activities for children, and a stuffed-chicken lunch at 12:30, with a fee of 20 euros for adults and 10 euros for children. (To reserve for the lunch, call 05 – 53 – 28 – 41 – 16.) But the display and sale of plants is, for sure, the main event.


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