The Mayor’s speech (2019 edition)

This past Friday we attended Mayor Pascal Dussol’s state-of-the-village address — that is,  la traditionnelle cérémonie des vœux —  and thought it was the most jam-packed such meeting we’ve seen in Daglan.

My wife Jan and I arrived with two friends a bit later than the 6:30 p.m. kick-off (although the speech had not yet begun) to find every seat taken, and quite a crowd milling around behind the rows of seats.

Ever-helpful, I started hauling more folding chairs into place, pulling them from the rear of the hall to create new rows of seating, and eventually some other clever villagers caught on to the initiative. Before too long, there were enough rows of chairs to hold everyone. And then the presentation began.

Here’s a look at the Salle des fêtes, as Mr. Le Maire (yes, that’s the correct French style, using Mr.) finishes his talk:

Hail, hail — the villagers are all here!

As you can see, there’s a large screen at the front of the hall, so that slides can illustrate what the Mayor is describing.

Admittedly, none of the “news” is earth-shaking. But it’s both interesting and somewhat comforting to see evidence of what’s been accomplished in Daglan over the past year, and what’s planned for 2019.

Just as a few examples, in 2018 there was a good clearing out of logs and other debris from our Céou River; more restoration of old historic buildings; and improvements to roads and public works. In the year ahead, we can expect more such enhancements, including a new exercise area (with equipment) to be created next to the tennis courts.

In think my favourite bit of news was the detailed announcement of the three births (!!!) that had taken place in 2018 in Daglan, with the names of the parents and the babies. And then the parents were invited up to the front of the hall, where they were applauded and given a variety of goodies, including bottles of Champagne.

We had attended the event with good friends from England who have a holiday home near us, and who were hearing the Mayor’s annual speech for the first time. Although they admitted that they missed a lot of the detail, they both said they enjoyed being part of the evening. “We really felt like we were part of the community,” they agreed. And that, of course, is the idea.

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