Double your truffle

I’m not sure that Daglan will become known as the Truffle Capital of the World, but our village is definitely taking the tubers seriously. This past summer, it opened a weekly market for summer truffles (see “Our new truffle market — Part I,” posted on June 2, 2018).

And now we’re not only doubling the fun, but upping the ante. Starting this coming Sunday (December 9) and running until the end of February, the village will host a weekly market for black truffles, also known as the Périgord truffle. (The Périgord is the old name for the area which is now the Dordogne département.)

Announcing the new market is this large sign, which is hanging above the small parking area as you enter the village on the Pont Neuf,  over the Céou River:

Coming soon — black truffles!

And here’s another sign, just before the Pont Neuf, which lists both markets — the winter market, for the Tuber mélanosporum, and the summer market, for the “white summer truffle,” or Tuber aestivum:

Describing both truffle markets.

The summer market was quite the success, and so it will be interesting to see what crowds the winter market attracts. The black truffles are much more flavourful than their summer cousins — but also a great deal more expensive.

How expensive? I’m not sure yet, but my wife Jan and I will see for ourselves, come Sunday.

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