Back to the Blogosphere (via Paris, no less)

We have now welcomed the dissipation of our troublesome canicule (Translation: the heat wave is over), and so I return to the Blogosphere with a new offering of Radio Free Daglan. But I begin with observations on some recent travels.

You may know that one of the disadvantages of living in a rural community like Daglan is that foreign travel typically takes a full day longer than you’d expect. On the plus side, this often means spending a night in our favourite city, Paris.

And so it was, a few weeks ago, that we took the train up to Paris before flying the next afternoon to the Canadian city where my wife Jan and I spent most of our working lives. Here’s a quick peek at our Paris hotel, located in our favourite arrondissement, the 7th:

Our hotel in the 7th.

It’s a great area, with wide open spaces, lively cafés, and at least a few popular attractions, like, well, this well known structure — as seen from the balcony of our hotel room:

A pretty nice view, yes?

Aside from its great location, one of the attractive features of our hotel is that there is a comfortable café on the ground floor, which features a nice full breakfast — like this one:

Fried eggs, fresh fruit, and of course croissants.

Well nourished, Jan and I took a taxi out to De Gaulle on a Friday morning and had a smooth and very comfortable flight to Toronto, starting in the early afternoon (Paris time) and arriving in the late afternoon (Toronto time).

Then we spent the night at an airport hotel, and took a taxi to son Michael’s house on Saturday morning to begin several days of fun with our lovely family (our two children, their partners, and now four grandchildren) and terrific friends. It was a wonderful break. And the recent break in the weather is wonderful too.

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12 Responses to Back to the Blogosphere (via Paris, no less)

  1. Simon Wheatley says:

    Very enjoyable episode! Can you name the hotel in Paris? Thanks v m!

    • Loren Chudy says:

      Thanks! Sure, the hotel is La Comtesse by Elegancia, at 29, avenue de Tourville. Very recently completed, so it’s nicely up-to-date. All mod cons, as they say. And stylish too.

      • Simon Wheatley says:

        Thanks very much indeed. We are trying to find a hotel we can rely on, as the last couple of years have left us a little disappointed with Paris hotels…..

  2. Gordon Pape says:

    Glad you had a great trip. Paris hotel looks terrific.

    • Loren Chudy says:

      Thanks Gordon. Yes, it was a great trip. As for T.O., see my comment to Gaynor Black. A visit once every two years or so is plenty! (We’ve become quite rural-ized, if that’s a word.)

  3. Gaynor Black says:

    How is Toronto these days? Mike’s daughters love Spain so much that we don’t go there. They always come here. I understand when you say it takes a bit more time to travel but it’s a bonus that you have to pass through Paris. One of the reasons we chose Malaga was for its international airport because we were looking also at Cadiz.

    • Loren Chudy says:

      Hi there! Well, what I told several of our Toronto friends is that from our previous visit (2016) until this visit (2018), it seemed like (a) the population had doubled; (b) the number of condos had tripled; and (c) the number of vehicles on the road had quadrupled. Yikes!

  4. Alix says:

    Wonderful! FOUR grand children? Excellent….
    We are in Australia visiting family also 😍and attending our nephew Robins’ wedding to Ayla tomorrow.

  5. Loren Chudy says:

    Terrific to hear from you, Alix. Love to all. Will send photos from our Toronto trip. Cheers!

  6. joe says:

    Loren, Jan is a great photographer.
    Her photographs of the countryside amaze me.

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