Mid-Season report, and a blogging break

If you’re here in Europe, you’re experiencing it. If you’re elsewhere, you’ve been reading about it. Yes, Europe is in the midst of an awful, and awfully long, heat wave.

And as the “beating heart of Europe,” as the Greater Daglan Area is sometimes called, we have indeed been melting.

From your science lessons, you probably recall that hot air rises. And since the Global Headquarters of Radio Free Daglan is located on the top floor of our house, it’s particularly unpleasant up here, even with the fan struggling valiantly.

So I’m planning on a break from blogging, at least until later in the month, when (one hopes) things start to cool down. But first, some updates as we’ve now approached mid-Season (that is, more-or-less halfway between the peak tourist months of July and August):

The Big Festival. Let’s start with the biggest coming event: the annual Daglan fête, or what I have dubbed the Festival of Heat and Noise. Here’s the latest poster, with almost-complete details:

The mystery parade!

Events like the dinner and the various musical evenings are fine, if you like that sort of thing. But the must-see event is the parade — or Défilé de chars — on Sunday. I’ve written about the parade many times, and if you’re in the area, please do visit the village on the Sunday afternoon — it’s a great example of local wackiness, creativity, and just plain fun at its best. Unfortunately, the poster this year doesn’t specify what the “theme” of the parade will be. So, be prepared to be surprised.

Changes on the high street. We have had some welcome changes on the main street through the centre of Daglan. Here’s a look at the home of various workshops and artists’ galleries, called Les Ateliers:

Workshops and galleries.

But now, immediately next door, is the expanded home of La Goutte Noire (The Black Drop), which moved from across the street. It still offers lovely (and surprisingly well-priced) handmade jewelry, but now also offers a variety of items for babies and young children. (My wife Jan recently bought a new set of lovely earrings for herself, and a cute-cute-cute backpack for the young daughter of some friends.)

I wrote in detail about the jewelry and its maker in “A real jewel of Daglan,” posted on May 9, 2013. Check it out in the RFD archives.

And what of La Goutte Noire‘s previous home? Well, it’s now nicely occupied by a new shop, as you’ll see below.

More room for lovely jewelry.

Meet La Margotte, a very pretty shop across the street from La Goutte Noire, which is run by a talented young seamstress. Here’s an entrance:

Welcome to our newest retail outlet!

Virtually every day, there’s a new outfit on display just outside the store (see photo below). The fashions are attractive, and attractively priced, so much so that Jan has already bought two dresses (and had some alterations done ).

Inside the shop you’ll also find attractive and decorative items for the home, from mirrors with unusual frames to small statues to pottery items. It’s certainly worth a visit.

A new dress almost every day!

And on the food scene. The other big event on our high street is the major expansion that has taken place at La Cantine, the restaurant run by Fabrice (le Chef) Lemonnier. He’s expanded the dining area dramatically, and had a pretty terrace built in back of the restaurant.

I’ll be doing a more detailed report, but just not now. Not while the temperature up here is registering 30 degrees Celsius (86 American). Enjoy the break, and think cooling thoughts.

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9 Responses to Mid-Season report, and a blogging break

  1. Enjoy your break. Stay cool!

  2. loren24250 says:

    Thanks, ladies! Best wishes for your trip over this way. It’s coming soon, I know.

  3. Steven Bookshester, Annapolis MD US says:

    I’ve just come across your interesting/useful/fun to read blog. We have rented a house nearby for the month of September and it will be very helpful. I do have a question, which is whether you know of a pharmacy or other business in the area that rents wheelchairs.

    • loren24250 says:

      I am not certain, but I believe the large pharmacy in nearby Cénac does rent wheelchairs. (I know they have a lot of such equipment, but I don’t know if it’s only for sale, or also for rent.) I need to go there this afternoon in any case, and will check.

      • Steven Bookshester, Annapolis MD US says:

        Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you. We’d need it Sept 4 to 28.

  4. loren24250 says:

    I checked with the pharmacy in Cénac today (Capiol — it’s really the only game in town; across from the Mayor’s office on the main drag). Yes, they rent wheelchairs, and they are just 16.45 euros per week. When you rent, they’ll want to know the person’s height and weight, to make sure they give you the right size. Good luck with it!

  5. Pamela Forbes says:

    I’m Steve Bookshester’s somewhat disabled wife, Pam Forbes. Thank you very much for pointing us toward the pharmacy in Cenac.

    We hope that the climate in the Galactic Headquarters of Radio Free Daglan becomes more clement soon.


    • loren24250 says:

      Well, this morning the temperature up here (Galactic HQ) is 26 Celsius, and we are heading for another very hot day. But then things should start to cool down. Hoping for nice September weather when you are here. I think of September as the best time to visit the Greater Daglan Area. Safe travels!

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