Coming event! (Tomorrow, in fact)

If you’re vacationing on a Greek island or in the Caribbean, don’t drop everything and rush to Daglan. But if you’re in the area tomorrow (Sunday, July 29) you might want to visit our annual Promenade en Gastronomie. Lots of people will be there for sure.

Here’s some of what I wrote about the event in a blog posting last July:

… on Sunday Daglan will be hosting the annual Promenade en Gastronomie, which is basically a much-expanded weekly market featuring all kinds of goodies — including tapas à la truffe d’été, which is to say summer truffles.

Also included in the festivities will be Démonstrations, chiens truffiers, which is to say demonstrations of how a trained dog sniffs out truffles among the forest roots.

As I suggested at the outset, the market is not the most exciting event you could imagine, but it really is a good place to stroll around and buy some excellent food products (fruit, vegetables, sausages, and much more).

And of course, there’s the truffle dog exhibition, in which a dog and his handler wander around an enclosed area that’s packed with earth and studded with branches, until the dog sniffs out one or more buried truffles. Here’s how it looks:

Our shaggy truffle hunter is closing in.

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