And now for something completely different

The Greater Daglan Area — like much of Europe — tends to favour local flavours. In other words, you won’t have much luck finding German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese restaurants in rural France. (Okay, there are a lot of pizza places, but not full-blown Italian restaurants.)

It’s not completely impossible, of course. As regular readers will know, my wife Jan and I are particularly fond of the authentic Thai restaurant Sawadee, in neighbouring Cénac. So are many of our friends and visitors.

Still, you can imagine that I was somewhat incredulous when I learned that a Mexican restaurant would be opening in the small village of Saint-Laurent-la-Vallée, about 10 kilometres from Daglan. Mexican? In little Saint-Laurent?

But it seems to be true, as we discovered when we drove by the restaurant that was previously Lou Cigalou, which featured traditional southwest-France fare. Here’s the front of the building, with its new sign — Maria Bonita, Le Bistrot:

Hola! It’s opening soon.

It’s opening soon (this coming Friday), and Jan and I have already reserved there for Sunday lunch. Stayed tuned for our report.

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