Dish du jour — 20-05-2018

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary, obviously a day to celebrate. However, it is a Monday and also un jour ferié in France, or public holiday. So the chances of having a fine-dining meal today would be zilch.

Always thinking ahead, my wife Jan and I decided that we should have a lovely celebratory lunch yesterday instead, and so we made a reservation at the Michelin-starred Le Grand Bleu, in Sarlat, half an hour or so from Daglan.

Having written about Le Grand Bleu many, many times, I will keep this brief. However, I’ll just point out that Chef Maxime Lebrun is not only talented but extremely inventive — always tweaking his dishes, combining unusual ingredients (including lots of foams and ice creams, even for savoury dishes), and creating art on a plate.

With an excellent bottle of Chablis Premier Cru, Jan and I enjoyed a small bowl of soup to begin; then an entrée of barely cooked langoustines; then sole for Jan and sweetbreads (as usual) for me. And then on to dessert. And here’s my dish of the day:

This is a lime pie?

On the menu, it was described as Tarte au citron vert et au cacao, sorbet noix de coco au poivre de timut. One could translate that as “lime pie with chocolate, accompanied by a coconut sorbet with timut pepper.”

But what is timut pepper, you might wonder (as I did). Through the mighty power of the Internet, I learned that it’s a Nepalese pepper, which has “the cold spiciness of a sichuan peppercorn, with remarkable hints of grapefruit.” Oh, that timut pepper.

In any case, it was as delicious and unusual as it looked. “Ah,” said Jan, “it’s key lime pie, re-imagined.” Yes indeed.

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6 Responses to Dish du jour — 20-05-2018

  1. Roy Spreadborough says:

    You naughty people you never told us it was your 30th Anniversary! Belated congrats & we haven’t forgotten about you eating at our place. Hope you both had a glorious day! Love from the Spreadies x

  2. Loren Chudy says:

    We did indeed have a glorious day. But then, I always have a glorious day when my Janster is around. And we would love to see you at your place, whenever. It would be, dare I say it, glorious!

  3. Alix says:

    Congratulations! We remember the day well….

  4. Loren Chudy says:

    Thanks so much, Alix. You and Larry were a very, very big part of the wedding, and our happiness. Love to you and the whole family!

  5. Annèt van der Starre. says:

    Oh yeah; we know the real Key Lime Pie too.A bit different…
    Love to read all your observations!
    Thanks,and Happy 30th Anniversary,Loren and Jane!🥂🍾
    Annèt and Peter.

  6. Loren Chudy says:

    Thanks Annet. You know, I used to love Key Lime Pie when I lived in Florida, and visited there. The last time I had it, funnily enough, it was awful! Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

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