The Anglo lunch: Take 2

The Anglos of Daglan — those of us whose first language is English, whether we were born in England, Scotland, Ireland, or the United States — are now in high gear. Planning meetings have been held, recipes have been checked, shopping has begun.

This coming Sunday (May 6) Daglan’s Club de l’Amitié or Friendship Club is hosting the second lunch planned and prepared by the Anglophones, to be held in our village’s Salle des fêtes.

Added information: I’m inserting this paragraph (following the original posting)  because of a good question from an astute reader, who asked about attendance. Is the lunch only for Anglos? No, not at all. The point of the Friendship Club is, in part, to encourage different communities in Daglan to come together — whether English, Canadian, Scottish, Dutch, whatever — with the French locals. So, to attend the lunch, one simply needs to become a member of the club.

Our first such lunch was held two years ago, and on April 25, 2016, I reported on the event with a blog posting titled “Chuffed? C’est nous!” Here are some excerpts:

The Anglophones who live full-time or most of the year in Daglan are feeling pretty chuffed today. And well we might. Yesterday’s lunch for the Club de l’Amitié (Friendship Club) was a major success, and it was all planned, prepared and served by those of us whose first language is English. We even cleaned up the Salle des fêtes  afterwards.

As it turned out, everything went swimmingly, the result of several planning meetings, lots of phone calls and visits, careful shopping, lots of preparation, and those familiar Anglophone characteristics —joie de vivre and savoir faire.

We even decorated the hall and the tables, and it all looked pretty splendid. To give you a sense of the occasion, here’s a photo from that lunch of two years ago:

The tables looked good.

As for my role on Sunday, I’ll be creating lots of Pimm’s No. 1 Cup cocktails, tossing ice, cutting up fruit and cucumbers, and trying to keep up with our (undoubtedly) thirsty crowd. Should be fun!

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3 Responses to The Anglo lunch: Take 2

  1. Anna Geertruy Catharina van der Starre-Verploegh Chasse says:

    Hallo Loren,Thank you for al your lovely local observations and story’s.
    We love to read them!
    For now,my question is about The Anglo Lunch on this coming Sunday.
    Is this only for Anglophones by birth?
    We have lived for 14 years in California-Stanford,where my husband Peter was professor in Cardiac Anesthesia.
    We would love to attend to this lunch,if permitted.
    Please let me know, if this is possible?
    Best wishes,
    Annèt and Peter van der Starre-Domme.
    ps.we are Dutch by origin,but more or less Globe trotters.

    • loren24250 says:

      Hi there, and I’m glad you enjoy Radio Free Daglan! The lunch is open to everyone — that is, everyone who is a member of the Club de l’Amitié. The person to contact about that is Lydie Pasquet, whose email address is, or her phone number is 06-74-53-50-41. Cheers! Hope this works out, and you can enjoy the lunch!

  2. Annèt van der Starre. says:

    Wonderful! We will make contact with Lydia Pasquet.

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