The curtain goes up (2018)

Here in the Greater Daglan Area, we are at last, after a miserably rainy late winter/early spring, walking on sunshine. Lilacs are blooming, cafés and restaurants are open, and my wife Jan and I haven’t had to fire up the wood burner in our living room for several days.

The Season (when the hordes of tourists arrive) may not have truly begun, but the curtain has gone up. Just to give you a glimpse of the sunshine, here are a few photos of life today in the GDA.

On Monday of this week, we decided to take advantage of the weather and drive up to Castelnaud (about 10 kilometres from downtown Daglan) for a coffee on the terrace of our go-to afternoon spot, La Plage. Sorry folks — fermé le lundi. Closed Mondays.

So we continued driving on, over the Dordogne River, to the lovely and unusual village of La Roque-Gageac, carved into the limestone cliffs along the north banks of the Dordogne.

And here’s my view as I walked from the car park to an outside table at l’Auberge des Platanes:

The view towards our table.

And then, once seated, with a coffee poised in front of me, I swivelled a bit to the right and took this photo of some houses and the village church above us:

Another view of La Roque.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, as I was returning from some errands in Sarlat, I tried again at La Plage in Castelnaud, and found that it was not only open for business, but moderately anxious for my business. (A Perrier.)

Before I show you how it looks now, let me re-post the photo I published last October 31, when the terrace was torn up for some serious construction work:


Lots of work ahead (from October 2017).

Now here’s an up-to-date look at the terrace of La Plage, where I was happy to join friends Rosemary and Richard, who were having a refreshing drink after riding their bikes up from Daglan:

The newly completed terrace.

The weather is so nice that, as it happens, Jan and I will be heading up to the terrace at La Plage again this very afternoon. For us anyway, The Season has begun.

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2 Responses to The curtain goes up (2018)

  1. Theresa George says:

    What a pity that all the lovely plants and beds have been removed from La Plage…..I suppose it means they can fit in more tables, but they were pretty!

  2. Loren Chudy says:

    I agree. On the plus side, there are two trees ready to grow, and the terrace itself is nice and smooth, so there’s less danger of tripping.

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