Back to LPP (and let the blogging begin!)

Today we return to blogging, after a lengthy winter break. And today, at lunch, my wife Jan and I returned to Le Petit Paris.

At lunch, we realized that this coming September will mark a 20-year history with Le Petit Paris, the well known restaurant at the heart of Daglan.

It was in September 1998 that six of us Canadians rode into Daglan on our bikes, on what was the last full day of our bicycle journey in the Dordogne and the Lot départements, and had lunch on the terrace of Le Petit Paris (the LPP of today’s title). Different owners back then, but a very enjoyable meal. And the village itself struck Jan and me as so lovely that, eventually, we bought a home here.

As for today, it was back to LPP for our first lunch there in a long time, and I have to say it was a great success. The reason? We chose the Menu Truffes de Daglan (or Truffle Menu) for 52 euros. Our impression of the five-course meal? Zowie!

With our opening cocktails, we were given two small but delicious amuse-bouches, including (in the glass) a foam made with (of all things) boudin noir, or black pudding. Here’s my plate:

Mousse on toast, mousse in a small glass.

The first course then arrived, and we both loved it. It was a beautiful bowl of an intense oxtail consommé, with lots of shaved black truffle, and with small breaded balls of foie gras floating at the centre. Here’s my bowl:

The flavour of the deep, dark soup was truly intense.

The seafood course came next, and it was a lovely dish of seared scallops, once again covered in shavings of black truffle, and served on a bed of salsify pieces and  napped with a rich brown sauce. Here’s my plate:

Scallops and truffles on a bed of salsify and a sauce Périgueux.

For our main courses, Jan and I both chose the turbot. Once again, it was delicious — perfectly cooked fish, covered in black truffle slices, and seated atop small pieces of a South American root vegetable (a yacon, or Peruvian ground apple) that the French call poire de terre, since it has a slightly sweet taste like pears. Here’s my serving:

The main course was turbot-charged. (Haw!)

By this point in the meal, Jan had become so full that she declined the next course — a smoothly whipped concoction of Cabécou (the well known regional goat cheese), decorated with walnut pieces and croutons and, of course, slices of black truffle. As for me, I loved my serving:

I couldn’t resist saying “Cheese, please!”

We’re almost at the end — listed on the menu as a Mojito en vacherin glacé, which made me think of some sort of rum cocktail creation, perhaps with a ball of ice cream. But a vacherin is made with meringue, and our desserts certainly had their share of meringue, and lot of frozen goodies. Have a look:

This was a lot of dessert. And delicious.

Of course we did conclude our lunch with coffees, but decided not to touch the mignardises that were served along with the coffee. By this point, both of us were too stuffed to eat much of anything.  As you can see, however, the mignardises did look tempting:

We left the sweeties untouched.

Before we leave, just a couple of extra notes. Every table was full, and as always the room was pleasantly quiet. Our hostess, Madame Guilbot (Chef’s wife) was gracious as always, and remembered with no prompting that Jan has a gluten allergy. And the young man who served us (formerly a next-door neighbour of ours) was friendly, fast and efficient. Hurray for professionalism!

So let’s add it all up. To drink, two cocktails to begin, and then a bottle of Sancerre, followed by a half bottle of Chablis. To eat: Amuse-bouches, mignardises, a five-course meal rich in black truffles.  Finally, the coffees. Total price: 175.50 euros. And I’d say,  worth every centime.

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9 Responses to Back to LPP (and let the blogging begin!)

  1. Gordon Pape says:

    Sounds terrific. But like Jan, I don’t think I could have gotten through it all. And I’d nap the rest of the day!

  2. Deb says:

    Hi ,
    It all looks delicious. We shall have to give the place another try when we get back.😘😘

  3. Paul says:

    Looks delicious, great to ‘have you back’ Loren.

  4. Keith Raymond says:

    As a point of comparison, we had a boozy lunch today at Buca in Yorkville today. 3 bottles of wine, one small app for the table and one main (pizza or pasta) each. 4 people. All in was $210 per couple. Vs your $275 I would say you did very well!

  5. Theresa George says:

    Sounds delicious! We didn’t get there this visit, tried for Valentine’s Day but they were fully booked. Now we know what we missed by not going on another day 😋

  6. Judy Creighton says:

    Quel menu extraordinaire! I’ve never been in the Dordogne in truffle season. Thank you for your enticing description of each course. Welcome back!

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Loren Chudy says:

    Thanks very much, Judy.

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