A last Thai fling (for 2017)

I have written quite often  about Sawadee, the Thai restaurant in Cénac, a village about 10 kilometres from Daglan — most recently on November 6. But I can’t help myself, and here I go again.

The occasion was the last meal at Sawadee for this year, as the restaurant closes for the winter. So today my wife Jan and I headed there for a Sunday lunch, and again had the special season-closing menu. (I posted a similar piece on December 4, 2016, called “Our last Thai meal — for the year, that is.”)

Here’s how the 28-euro, three-course menu looked on the blackboard or slate (ardoise, in French):

The menu on the ardoise (slate).

And here’s how those words translated into food, glorious food — starting with the entrée.

Todoay’s starter was a tube of calamari (squid), filled with a spiced pork mixture, and accompanied by pieces of chicken on a skewer. The calamari was tender, the filling delicious, and the chicken was succulent (instead of the dried-out meat that often is served on a skewer). Two delicious sauces went along with the dish, which I’ve shown here:

A wonderful mix of tastes.

The plat principal was a bowl of soy vermicelli noodles, deliciously flavoured with a brown sauce, and served with quite a few large shrimp. Here’s my serving:

The vermicelli noodles were perfect.

To finish things off, I had the special dessert (Jan passed, as she had had enough food by then), which seemed just right. It was a plate of fresh mango pieces and a small serving of sweet sticky rice, plus a small bowl of coconut milk. Here it is:

Fresh mango, sweet sticky rice.

We accompanied our meal with a bottle of rosé wine and finished it with espressos. And once again, we left quite content — and already looking forward to the first meal of the season, next March.

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