Dishes du jour (5-11-2017)

When we want to dine out for Sunday lunch, but aren’t in a Michelin-starred frame of mind, my wife Jan and I often head over to neighbouring Cénac for a wonderful Thai meal at Sawadee. And that’s what we did yesterday, Sunday, November 5.

Once seated, with kirs ordered, we were delighted to find that friends Rosemary and Richard had also been in a Sawadee frame of mind, so they joined us at our table.

I’ve written several times previously about Sawadee, so I’ll keep this brief. But in case you’re not familiar with the restaurant, it’s friendly and casual, with prompt service, a large (but not too large) menu, and most important of all — wonderful, fresh, authentic Thai food.

I think the next couple of photos will show you how tempting the dishes are. Whatever the protein (beef, pork, chicken, shrimp) the dishes typically are also loaded with fresh vegetables.

First, here is Rosemary’s glistening dish of spicy shrimp with vegetables:

Spicy shrimp and veggies? Yes!

For me, I nearly always have the same dish — which consists of small pieces of beef, sautéed with vegetables, and rich with dark brown (and somewhat sweet) oyster sauce. But not yesterday. My dish yesterday was chicken with cashews, and was delicious. Have a look:

Chicken and veggies and cashew nuts? Yes!

There aren’t many more Sundays left before Sawadee closes for the annual winter break (with a trip back to Thailand for Chef and her husband, who is the restaurant’s host). So we’re planning to head back there next Sunday too. Y’all come!

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2 Responses to Dishes du jour (5-11-2017)

  1. Elisabeth Walters says:

    Will they be closed when we are there?

    • Loren Chudy says:

      I am afraid so. However, we could — possibly — charter a private jet to take us to Thailand. Or maybe that would be a bit much?

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