The Village Fleuri signage

Yesterday (Sunday), I changed the “header photo” on this blog, to show one of Daglan’s Village Fleuri signs. (Inserting a different photo is a weekly task.)

This has prompted me to re-post part of what I published earlier this year on a variety of attractive projects in the village (the full posting was headlined “Progress report — early July 2017,” and was published on July 8). Here goes:

I am a resolute supporter of progress, believing that a Continuous Improvement Program should be part of everyone’s life (and that includes every home, every business, every government, and so on). And I am delighted to report that our little village is demonstrating progress on a broad range of fronts.

Take, for example, Daglan’s status as a Village Fleuri. A month or so ago (June 11, 2017, in “Some sunny summer Sunday joys”) I showed off the first official sign commemorating our achievement, located as you enter the village from the north, which is to say from St. Cybranet. At the time, it was the only such sign at any of the three entrances to the village. But now the other two signs are up, and here is the one at the Pont Neuf entrance to Daglan:

New sign, freshly painted bridge.

But that’s not all. Also in the photo is a view of the Pont Neuf, our bridge over the Céou River. It had been looking pretty ratty. But now it’s been thoroughly sand-blasted, then primed, and then painted in a restful beige. Okay, not exciting — but still nice evidence of civic progress.


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