Back to Trémolat (for lunch, of course)

Driving to the village of Trémolat, west of Daglan, takes just 45 minutes or so, and it’s worth the drive. Trémolat is a lovely village with several nice places to lunch.

So when my wife Jan and I heard from English friends Ian and Suzanne that they and their two lovely daughters would be vacationing in the Greater Daglan Area (the GDA), we thought that Trémolat would be a great place for the six of us to meet. And it was.

We met up there yesterday, at Le Bistro de la Place, the sister restaurant of the Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant at Le Vieux Logis. I’ve written about the fine-dining restaurant recently (July 16)  in “A four-hour lunch (with sticker shock),” but today I’ll highlight the qualities of the bistro.

Le Bistro de la Place is a cosy place, with several outdoor areas for dining. It’s literally across the street from the rather posh inn, Le Vieux Logis. Here’s the view from our table, which was just outside the bistro:

Le Vieux Logis is just across the street.

The bistro is one of our favourites in the GDA because we’ve always found the food well prepared, served nicely, and reasonably priced. The dishes are not particularly inventive, but neither are they ordinary. For example, my entrée yesterday was a bowl of very good gazpacho, served with a scoop of tomato ice cream in the centre, and accompanied by a slice of grilled bread topped with cheese and Spanish ham.

My plat principal was a generous helping of roast chicken, served on top of a layer of long, tubed macaroni with cheese, and slices of mushroom. Here it is:

Golden chicken on a bed of macaroni.

The dessert was a bowl of most of the things you probably like — fresh fruit, whipped cream, and ice cream. How could you go wrong with something like this:

Not super-elegant, but super-delicious.

Along with all the good food, Jan and I had a wonderful chat with our friends, who first met us near Daglan a couple of years ago.

After a lot of catching up, we finished our desserts, our wine, and our coffees, and walked across the street to Le Vieux Logis, so that Ian and Suzanne could see why Jan and I like the restaurant there so much. I’m pretty sure they understood.

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2 Responses to Back to Trémolat (for lunch, of course)

  1. Lesley says:

    There now, I thought that you were going to say that after a leisurely lunch you all walked over the road for an early dinner!

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