Ready, set, pack ’em in!

As summer rolls along each year, Daglan gets more and more packed with tourists each Sunday as they visit our weekly market. This coming Sunday (July 30), the village will really be packing them in, and our main square should be “heaving,” as our Scottish friend Suzanne would put it.

The reason is that on Sunday Daglan will be hosting the annual Promenade en Gastronomie, which is basically a much-expanded weekly market featuring all kinds of goodies — including tapas à la truffe d’été, which is to say summer truffles.

Also included in the festivities will be Démonstrations, chiens truffiers, which is to say demonstrations of how a trained dog sniffs out truffles among the forest roots.

Already, the container that represents a small piece of the forest is in place in the Place de la Liberté, the village’s main square. (Making it a bit of a trick to drive out of our little street, through the square, and onto the village’s main thoroughfare.) The container is built out of railway timbers, and filled in with soil.

Here’s a look at the truffle-sniffer from last year’s special market:

Our shaggy truffle hunter is closing in.

As you might expect, watching a dog find truffles that have been hidden under an inch or two of soil is about as full of suspense and tension as watching someone shoot fish in a barrel. In any case, it’s worth a look if you’ve never seen a truffle dog. (Actually, they look remarkably like, well, dogs.)

As for my wife Jan and me, Sunday will begin with a rousing session of intense French tutoring, and then proceed to a lunch at La Cantine, the restaurant of Chef Fabrice Lemonnier. We’ve seen the truffle demonstrations several times before, so we won’t be crushed if we miss this year’s version.

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