Dishes of the day — 01/06/2017

At the end of April I wrote about a new, lower-cost lunch menu being served at the Michelin-starred Le Grand Bleu in Sarlat, available at lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I called that posting “What a deal — and ‘bistronomic’ to boot” (April 28).

It’s just 25 euros for an entrée, main course and dessert, plus a glass of wine and a coffee. But even more is offered — there are amuse-bouches before the meal, various hot rolls and breads during the meal, and mignardises after.

Yesterday my wife Jan and I drove up to Sarlat from Daglan to try the menu again, this time with good friends Joanne and Chris and their two children. And we all thought it was a hit (although, in fairness, the teenagers could have consumed two or three servings of each course).

The starter this time was the same as the entrée we had in late April — a garnished serving of house-made terrine. Then came the main course: slow-cooked chicken with a morel sauce, cooked morels, a purée of  sweet potato and vegetables, and a gratin of potatoes. Here is my plate:

The sauce makes the dish.

The dessert for the menu that day was a sable of chocolate and rosemary, served with a delicious topping of apricots and a scoop of rosemary ice cream. A tasty treat:

Not a big dessert, but a tasty one.

The classic question: Would we go back and do it again? Yes, although I must admit I enjoy the choice of the larger — and admittedly more expensive — menus.

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