A spring break (from blogging)

It is time for a spring break (from blogging) so this will be my last posting for a few days. Rather than offering you nothing to stare at, I’m closing off my latest flurry of postings with a few images of floral life here in the Greater Daglan Area (the GDA), as we slide into summer.

To provide an overview, it is clear that the early flowering things are pretty much gone — things like forsythia and daffodils and lilacs and wisteria flowers. Now we are seeing an abundance of mature green plants and more summery flowers (if this is getting too technical, please consult a nursery specialist — I’m at the outer limit of my floral knowledge).

Here, for instance, is the fountain just around the corner from our house, in the aptly-named Place de la Fontaine. Just inside that railing is a natural spring that keeps on flowing, eventually emptying into the Céou River, which is our contribution to the Dordogne River. Oh, and there’s also an awful lot of plant life:

Gently flows the spring.

This is, it seems, pretty much the season of roses. Perhaps you noticed the attractive grouping of deep red roses around the village’s war memorial, in a photo from my posting about our May 8th ceremonies (immediately below). But there are now roses everywhere, like the array of red roses climbing the stone walls of one of our neighbour’s homes (the following photo):

Vivid red roses around the memorial.

By any other name, would it smell so sweet?

At another immediate neighbour’s home, the roses are white:

A wall of white roses.

One of my personal favourites, although I don’t know its name, is this flowering plant that seems to thrive in the cracks of so many of the stone walls and stone houses in the GDA. This one is growing on yet another of our neighbour’s houses:

Out of the stone, some real beauties.

Finally, one of the successful plantings around our own house is this collection of euonymus, an evergreen that seems to do very well in the GDA (hint, hint, if you’re looking for what to plant):

Gold among the green.

As a final note, if you look closely at the bottom of the photo, you’ll see a scattering of grey stone, which we’ve discovered is an excellent mulch. It’s small pieces of slate (which we have bought by the bag at a nursery in Sarlat), and it does a great job of keeping down weeds.

An unexpected side benefit is that it’s dramatically reduced the number and amount of droppings we used to get from the neighbourhood’s dogs and cats. I guess the wee beasties prefer to use softer soil, so the slate is now a permanent fixture here.

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2 Responses to A spring break (from blogging)

  1. Double D's says:

    Here is a fun trick. If your readers are using the Chrome browser to read your blog they can right click on the image of the blue flowers and an option to “search google using the image” will come up. Google identified it as a flower (not so impressive) but also found a link to a matching photo that suggests this is a Bellflower. I’m sure with some more time the latin name could be found. Enjoy the time off.

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