Our just-in-time firewood management

It’s taken a few years, but we now seem to have the knack of precisely managing our supplies of firewood. (Okay, when I use the word “we,” I  am actually referring solely to my wife Jan, as I am pretty much a bystander in this process.)

Firewood supply management is an important process for us, since it involves (a) ordering firewood a few days before it’s to be delivered; (b) not ordering too much for our garage to hold; and (c) not running out, since that usually means begging some from neighbours or buying small supplies at high prices.

By keeping a sharp eye on our supplies and our firewood-burning, Jan was able to arrange for delivery on Wednesday morning — by which time our pile of firewood in the garage was down to a mere 21 logs. So there was plenty of room for the new wood.

And here it is — this photo (taken from our kitchen window) shows Jan moving logs into the garage on Wednesday morning, aided by the two men who actually delivered the wood:

Moving logs into our garage.

And when it was all arranged and stacked, here is how our new supply of (mostly oak) firewood looked:

These should be ready for the autumn.

In case you’re wondering, we’re enjoying nice spring weather in the Greater Daglan Area, but our nights are cool. So we typically have a fire going in the poêle à bois (wood burner) in our living room.

We’re hoping that the need for an evening fire won’t go on for much longer, because then we’ll have a nice supply of new wood that can dry out all summer, and be just right when wood-burning begins again in the autumn.

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6 Responses to Our just-in-time firewood management

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Where is Gerhard and Elisabeth to help?!?!

  2. Alix says:

    Well done Jan ! That is quite a work out 😉

  3. Karen Lassman says:

    Way to go Jan! Girl power!!!!

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