Election efficiency

The French political scene is rarely covered in Radio Free Daglan, since (quite frankly) I know nothing about it that isn’t already covered in the mass media.

However, I did mention the current presidential election in a posting of April 22, and showed how the various candidates’ posters were being displayed on metal stands in the centre of Daglan. Namely, like this:

The 11 candidates.

At that time, I was writing about the first round of elections, in which there were 11 candidates. One of my loyal readers commented (quite smartly I thought) that he was impressed: “I liked the orderly fashion of displaying the election posters.”

So now we are approaching the second and final round of the presidential elections, when only the two candidates who attracted the most votes in Round One are running. The final vote takes place this coming Sunday, May 7.

What happens to the posters of the other nine candidates? Well, they are simply removed. So the other day, as I was driving through the neighbouring village of Saint-Cybranet, I noticed that only the posters for Round One winners Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron had been left pasted to the metal standards. How efficient is that, I thought!

However, at the time I didn’t have my trusty camera with me. So today I went back, with camera in hand, for another look. And lo and behold, there were not two posters remaining in place — but three. Have a look:

Wait a sec — that’s M. Macron twice!

It seems a Macron supporter has intervened, and put up an extra poster for the candidate. Dirty pool? Or just politics as usual?

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