What a deal — and “bistronomic” to boot

Suppose you were planning a trip to the Greater Daglan Area of southwest France, thought it might be interesting to see why Michelin-starred restaurants are so fussed over, but were concerned about pushing your budget into the stratosphere.

I think I’ve found a solution for you.

We had been planning to have lunch with friends Suzanne and Mark, and so I visited the website of one-starred Le Grand Bleu in Sarlat, less than half an hour from our home base in Daglan. (I’ve reviewed Le Grand Bleu many times in Radio Free Daglan; see for yourself.)

In any case, there I learned that the restaurant was now offering a “bistronomic” menu for lunches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So I made the reservation for Thursday, and off we went.

And exactly what is the deal with the bistronomic menu? Well, this is how the website puts it:
25 euros
(une entrée – un plat – un dessert, un verre de vin et un café)

That is, an entrée (appetizer), a main course, a dessert, a glass of wine and a coffee, for just 25 euros. And what we discovered is that you actually receive much more — all of it prepared and served to a high standard.

We began with plates of amuse-bouches, like the selection below, which included tiny cherry tomatoes encased in a sweet and crunchy shell:

Some nice ways to begin.

Then came the entrée, a slice of terrine made by the chef (Maxime Lebrun), and served with a creamy sauce and two quenelle-shaped servings of tapenade, the usual black-olive-based version, and one made with finely minced cornichon pickles. All delicious, and looking good:

The terrine plate, as entrée.

The plat, or main course, was a hefty serving of slow-cooked lamb, served with a variety of vegetables, like this:

Slow-cooked lamb at the centre.

The dessert on the bistro menu was a crunchy chocolate creation, served with a small quenelle of ice cream — coriander ice cream:

Coriander ice cream? Yes!

The food didn’t stop with dessert. To enjoy with our coffees, we were served a selection of delicious mignardises:

A plate of sweeties to accompany the coffees.

Along with all the food, the four of us had a total of three apéritifs, two bottles of water, and two bottles of Châteauneuf-de-Pape. Total bill? Just 98 euros per couple.

Just in case you’re wondering, the restaurant can be reached by calling  (if you’re in France) 05-53-31-08-48.

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10 Responses to What a deal — and “bistronomic” to boot

  1. Paul says:

    Amazing value! Is there a choice of courses or is it a set menu?

    • loren24250 says:

      It’s a set menu. But Céline, the hostess, changed the desserts for Jan and Suzanne, who both need gluten-free foods. And of course, the restaurant still offers its full menu, if you don’t want the “bistro” menu.

  2. Alix says:

    Quite a steal!

  3. Deborah Laing says:

    What good value. We shall try it for lunch. Debs x

    Sent from my iPad


  4. James Douglas Curson says:

    You must be so pleased to live near Sarlat!

  5. Loren and Jan, I LIVE through you! I love your blog and your devotion to sharing these remarkable culinary flights. I still dream of my time there visiting you and hope to return some day

  6. Gordon Pape says:

    The more I read about the restaurants in your area, the more tempted I am to go back to France one more time. If only we didn’t have to go through airports to get there!

    • loren24250 says:

      Thanks so much, Gordon. I completely understand what you mean about airports — they have become the single worst element of travel. Not just the tight, often rude security, but the endless walking. Not fun at all. But hey — maybe the restaurants are worth all the bother!

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