Glycines galore

Spring has so thoroughly sprung in the Greater Daglan Area that it feels like we are in summer already.

Every self-respecting plant, shrub and tree that is able to flower has either done so already, or is being seriously rebuked by Mother Nature. Those early harbingers of warmer weather — daffodils and forsythia — have done their thing and are now drooping (daffodils) or simply cranking out leaves (forsythia).

Perhaps the most striking visual display around the GDA is being put on by wisteria, or glycines as they’re known in French. In various shades of mauve or purple, their long hanging blooms can be seen everywhere.

We have two of the vines at the front of our house, one on each side of the steps, and they are doing fairly well — although we’ve been told that had we pruned them thoroughly last autumn, the flowers would be bigger and better. Still, we can’t complain too much, as you can see:

Glycines chez nous.

Not bad. But I think the award for the most stunning display of wisteria wonderfulness belongs to this house:

Daglan flower power.

This collection is at one end of the village, right next to the house that until last autumn was the home of Daglan’s tea room and café, Le Thé Vert. Impressive, yes?


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5 Responses to Glycines galore

  1. Keith Raymond says:

    I would be happy to send a pix of our wisteria but just take one yourself of any random bunch of dead sticks. That display is two months off for us.

    • loren24250 says:

      Patience, my friend, patience. In two months, Jan and I will be deeply tanned, even more lithe than normal, and (frankly) spectacular. As for our wisteria, they will have surrounded the house, and lifted it off its base. We may find ourselves moved to Domme.

  2. Theresa George says:

    Ah thank you, that is our house next door to Le The Vert and we haven’t had the chance to see the wisteria this year… looks so lovely!

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